The following scripts are for your enjoyment or use royalty free. I do ask that if you use them, you contact me at

Gun Control Scripts

The following scripts, dealing with the issue of gun violence and gun control, are free to use. In lieu of a royalty, please make a donation to an organization that advocates for gun safety and gun control laws.

Welcome To The Gunshow (1 GN)

Unanswered Questions (1F)

Gun Play: An American Fairy Tale (2M)

My Thoughts and Prayers (1-16 GN)

One Minute Plays

Opening Day (1F/1M)

Sunday Dinner (2F/1M)

Truths Death Taught Me (2GN)


For Females

Unanswered Questions

Warning Shots (Long version)

Warning Shots (Short Version)


A Prayer For Waiting

For Males

The Defenders

Hey Joe, What Do You Know


Gender Neutral

My Thoughts And Prayers


One More Glass of Wine (2M)

Gun Play (An American Fairy Tale) (2M)

Family Time (1F/1M)

Superstar (1F/1M)


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